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Our Research

Developing innovative breakthroughs through integrative neuroscience research.

Engineering Cannabinoid Technologies

Cannabinoid technologies are being formulated to increase the repair rate of the brain, improving cognition, memory, and mood, while protecting the liver and reducing unwanted side effects.

Pharmaceutical Combination Therapies

A new generation of medicine is being developed that improves neurological function while being physiologically balanced as to have almost no side effects. The medicine is safe enough to be taken preventatively to improve mental health, or it can even be used to reverse mental illness in some cases.

Reprogramming Bioelectric Patterns

By extending the work originally started by Nikolas Tesla, a new electrical device is being developed that has the ability to expedite the time to recovery for various mental illness related diseases.


Listen to people’s stories to hear about the impact Nootripure is having in their lives.


Ann Cogburn

"After suffering from a traumatic brain injury 30 years ago, I thought I would never feel my normal self again. Since finding Nootripure, I stopped taking 20 neurological medications and feel better than ever."
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Theresa Choi

"After dealing with anxiety and insomnia, Nootripure has given me peace of mind knowing that I can have the mental clarity and energy I need to do my hobbies and my art with passion."
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Byron Profile Shot circle

Byron Mansfield

"Nootripure gives me the mental clarity, concentration and energy I need to get through the day."
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This is just 3 of the countless stories of people who are regaining control of their life with the Nootripure Mind Health programs. What will be your story?

The Nootripure MiindHealth™ Programs

Four MiindHealth™ programs that work with the Nootripure products to better your mental performance while improving physiological health in the areas of productivity, sleep, athletics, and sexual health.

These products were developed using Integrative Neuroscience Technology from our previous research. The products are available for purchase from the company Nootripure Laboratories via the link below.

Nootripure News

The latest research, events, campaigns, publishings, and news.

Why Nootripure Foundation?

Why Nootripure Foundation? A brief explanation as to the reasoning behind the creation of the Nootripure Foundation: Where we started, why we chose to be a non-profit, and why we believe this…
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