The Nootripure Foundation

Take a minute to get to know who we are, what we do, and how we are helping the world fight mental illness.

Quick Facts

The Nootripure Foundation provides mental wellness solutions globally through our research, education, innovation, and outreach. We are a faith based charity for mental health based out of the state of California of the United States.

  • Active Charity
  • IRS Registered
  • For mental wellness
  • Integrative Neuroscience
  • Operating internationally
  • Conducting research
  • Providing free education

Our Mission

To heal the people of the world using integrative neuroscience technology.

Our Main Goal

To create tools that prevent or permanently resolve mental illnesses.

Our Core Belief

Science is a gift from God and that through the works of science, people can be healed.

Heal the world.

We believe that God heals people through the work we put into healing. If we meditate, we heal. If we take medicines, we heal. If we do physical therapy, we heal. As we heal, we become more clear minded, much more in tune with our spiritual senses, and thus we become closer to God. These are the founding beliefs of Nootripure. Everything we do is to encourage quick and effective action for healing ourselves and others.

Tax Deductible Donations

Get the money you donate back.

Your donations to Nootripure Foundation are tax-deductible. The Nootripure Foundation is an internationally recognized non-profit organization, and tax-deductions are possible in every country.To learn more about how to get money back for your donations to the Nootripure Foundation, click the button below.


Mental health for everyone.

We believe in helping those that help the world and share a common vision. If mental health is important to you, we would like to gift you with a free Nootripure product voucher to be used in the Nootripure online store. This way, we can make sure that the people who are helping others can set a good example for improving mental health.


Mental health is everyone’s responsibility.

We are creating an army of volunteers that are willing to stand up for mental health. Being a part of our community means that you are taking responsibility for your own mental health and the mental wellness of those around you. We already provide education and tools to improve mental wellness to thousands of community members, but our goal is to have 1,000,000 volunteering community members by 2030.

Ready to join the cause for mental wellness?

Download the white paper on how to advocate for mental health here.