Turn your donations into tax deductions

Average Refund

The average tax refund rate in the US is 32% (state and federal). That means that for every $100 donated, people who apply deductions get $32 back on average.

6 Steps to receiving your tax deduction through your donations via Nootripure Foundation


Make a Donation

Simply donate any amount to the Nootripure Foundation. You can check out the donation package options and free gifts here.


Get a confirmation email

After your purchase, we will send you a confirmation email with a receipt from your purchase for your records with our IRS registered tax-deductible identification number.


Itemize your deductions

At the end of the year, add the Nootripure Foundation donations along with your other tax-deductible charitable contributions and keep them in your yearly records.


Enter the amount in your state & federal forms

Enter the total in your federal and state tax forms according to their respective instructions.


File your tax forms

When you enter your totals into your tax forms, you will see that your payable tax totals will lower from your Nootripure contributions. The online programs will do this for you automatically.


Get your tax refund

If you didn’t owe the government anything, you will get a percentage of your Nootripure donations credited back to your account.

Get rewarded for doing the right thing.

Now you know the steps to take to get your money back from your charitable donations with the Nootripure Foundation.