What is Integrative Neuroscience Technology?

Learn more about how Nootripure leverages Integrative Neuroscience Technology (INT) to give unprecedented results.


What is INT?

Integrative Neuroscience Technology

/ˈintəɡrādiv nu̇r-ō-ˈsī-ən(t)s tekˈnäləjē/

The combining holistic and allopathic medicines with psychology based tools to study their effects when used together in a single therapeutic application.

For our purposes, we use 5 areas natural and western medicines: nootriopics, cannabinoids, adaptogens, mushrooms, and TCM herbs. Then we combine this with effective therapy techniques from 5 areas of psychology: neurolinguistic programming, neuro-associative conditioning, emotional freedom techniques, biopsychology, and clinical psychology.

Why is INT preferable?


More safe than any medication. More effective than any herb.

The current approach to improving how we feel is to pacify symptoms of illness with chemicals and leave it to the person to try holistic remedies such as stress reduction techniques, massage, stretching, yoga, nutrition, or herbal supplements to heal themselves. The main issue is that most people will take the medication to reduce the symptoms of their illness, but will not engage in the actual therapies to heal it. The other group of people will engage in some healing practices, but they often are not enough to permanently reverse the illness.

INT is both effective enough to allow the individual to act uninhibited by their conditions, and also heal them long term. By leveraging the strengths of each type of medicine and negating their side effects, one will receive a powerful yet balanced feeling that no other product can deliver.

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How does it work?


Balancing physiological systems

For example, most “nootropic” supplements use caffeine as their primary ingredient. This without INT can be dangerous as caffeine can damage the stomach over time, increase stress responses, promote anxiety, and cause jitteriness. We apply integrative neuroscience strategies to the caffeine so that these negative side effects do not happen, and we are left only with the benefits such as improved wakefulness, alertness, and energy. The strategy would be something like this. First we improve the flow of electricity through the enteric nervous system, then accelerate the metabolism of the spleen and stomach, which allows for improved nutrient carrying by the blood. These extra nutrients, electrolytes, and minerals traveling to the brain will stabilize the electrolytic balance, and fuel the increased consumption of the neurons. From this, all side effects of caffeine are minimized, and we have created a much healthier way of consuming caffeine that delivers energy in the moment, and improves mental health in the long run. This is especially important for people with neurological disorders as disruptions in the neuronal equilibrium can have severe side effects.

How do we use INT?

The Science Behind the Most Effective Products in the World

We strive to make the most effective products in the world. INT is the scientific methodology that allows us to do that. The results that people get from the Nootripure products are a direct relationship to the methodologies by which we apply integrative neuroscience. Here is a stepwise guide as to how we use integrative neuroscience methodologies to develop new products.
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