Meet the products that have changed thousands of lives.

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How the Nootripure MiindHealth™ programs are changing mental health for everyone.

Perform Better

Enhance your capabilities in every area of life.

Nootripure has developed a product for each area of life: Career, school, athletics, sleep, sex, celebrations and spirituality. For example, Thriiv boosts cognition, recall, creativity, and mood making it a great study tool for students, or a way to get more done or make outstanding presentations for professionals. Now you can have an enhanced experience doing anything while building lasting brain health.

Replace with good

Replace caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes or drugs.

Deep down, we all just want to be our best and feel our best. Before, we would knowingly trade health for an experience. For example, we might take a hit to our liver by drinking alcohol so that we can feel social. However, over time one will become less social. But now, the sociability, energy, mental clarity, and positive mood are all byproducts of the Nootripure products. Their main effect being long term brain healing. Why would anyone use an inferior product, at a higher price, that damages their health? It doesn’t make sense. Nootripure gives all the benefits, with none of the drawbacks. It just makes sense.

Brain health

Improve brain health over time.

In contrast to the alternative performance enhancing substances, Nootripure products are designed to work WITH your body’s natural physiological processes. Each of the Nootripure products is designed to balance physiological and bioelectric properties of the mind and body. For example, sleeping pills will force your mind to become unconscious but will actually worsen sleep quality leaving people more tired on average. However Rejuvii works to help the brain repair at night so that one wakes up feeling energetic and refreshed. Plus, the more one uses of the Nootripure products, the healthier one will get. There is no limit.

CREATE Healthy Habits

Kick the old habits with Nootripure.

It is quite common for people to be fighting addictions. People have been able to become addicted to many things: cigarettes, caffeine, illegal substances, alcohol, video games, sex, gambling, and shopping to name a few. At the core of most addictions is improperly balanced neurotransmitter levels. This is often caused by such things as stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, or trauma. To overcome this, one just needs to restore the neurochemical balances in the brain; and that is exactly what the Nootripure products are designed to do. Let’s kick the old habits and replace them with new habits that make your mind healthy.


Easy to follow and easy to take.

Already the idea of being healthy isn’t that appealing. It takes a lot of time. It usually tastes bad. It doesn’t look good. Nor is it fun. With Nootripure, we aim to change the image of health. The Nootripure products were designed to be utmost effective, yet so easy and enjoyable to use. All of our products are just a few easy to swallow capsules and an eBook that makes developing new habits for better mental hygiene easy. Just take a packet before work, before sleep, before your workout, or even before sex to get the most out of your experience. As the Nootripure products become a part of your lifestyle, so will joy, success, and good mental health.

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THRIIV Have THRIIV delivered to your doorstep automatically every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months without the need to repurchase. For students and working professionals Improved creativity, problem solving, concentration and mood Vegan, Natural, FDA, GMP Certified AccuVii™ nano-delivery technology Nootriplex™ Cannabinoid Blend (link) Guaranteed lowest cost on the market Guaranteed Effective 1 month supply Monthly Bi-monthly 3 Months $99.99 per month    Select $104.99



REJUVII The first night time product that not only helps you rest better and deeper, but also regenerates and replenishes your brain so you wake up feeling energetic, clear minded, and ready to take on the world. Improves sleep quality Works with the brain's natural processes to repair faster No morning grogginess Vegan, Natural, FDA, GMP Certified AccuVii™ nano-delivery technology Nootriplex™ SLEEP Cannabinoid Blend (link)



PASHIIN Pashiin puts the mind and emotions into a love-like state. By enhancing the emotions of the mind first, increased blood flow, stamina, and libido naturally follow. Pashiin is the safe and healthy way to enhance your experience of love. For couples, lovers, spouses Deep emotional connection Open-hearted expressiveness Improved stamina, libido, blood flow AccuVii™ nano-delivery technology Nootriplex™ Cannabinoid Blend (link) Guaranteed lowest cost on





Two Part Program

The Nootripure programs consist of a psychology based eBook and a neuroscience backed supplement that work synergistically to create potent and lasting healing effects.

Integrative Neuroscience Technology

Each of the Nootripure products leverage integrative neuroscience technology to deliver superior results.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

All of the Nootripure products are guaranteed to be the most effective products in their respective categories on the market. If not, you will get a 100% refund. See terms for details.

Highest Potency

The ingredients in the Nootripure products are selected based on their highest available potency, ranging from 2x to 20x the market standard. To see the potency rating for each ingredient, check the ingredients on the product pages.

Lowest Cost

Nootripure saves you money. Currently, each of the products are about 1/3 the cost of the market average if fairly measured “pound for pound” of active ingredients.


Nootriplex is an engineered cannabinoid compound designed for optimal healing and cognition that was developed by the neuroscientists at Nootripure.

Accuvii™ Technology

Accuvii™ is our proprietary nano-delivery technology. It can deliver the right ingredients at the right time, to the right physiological systems to reduce side-effects and improve safety.

Fully Certified

Each of the products come with full certifications and are 3rd party lab inspected 3 times before being distributed.

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