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3 Areas of Research

...to Win the war against mental illness once and for all.

Engineering Cannabinoid Technologies

Cannabinoids are some of the strongest healing medicines in the world. However, cannabis and cannabinoid based drugs come with a large list of side effects and usually weaken the liver over time. We are creating a new generation of cannabis products that have very little side effects, allow for better mental clarity, and improve (rather than decrease) cognitive performance. This will allow people to maintain their active lifestyle and drastically reduce the total time to recovery.

Pharmaceutical Combination Therapies

Currently, no medication prescribed for cognitive disorders can heal the mind in the long term, and in fact most, if not all actually make one’s mental health worse over time. That is why we are creating a new generation of medicine that not only heals the mind over time, but also drastically improves cognitive performance and emotional balance for the day-to-day. When it comes to mental health, medicine should be fun and uplifting, even after the effects wear off. 

Bioelectrical Tissue Rejuvenation Therapies

There are 3 types of stress on the human body: chemical, physical, and electrical. Problems with the electrical channels often lead to mental health disorders. Currently, there have only been a few attempts to create medical solutions for the electrical component of the human body, however, they are not effective enough to heal a person completely, nor do so in a reasonable time-frame. This is why we are developing a new technology that is based on Tesla’s findings on bioelectricity that matches the bio-rhythms of the body and can restore organs back to their natural state. With just the prototypes, there has already been much promise for those with fibromyalgia. However, much research is still needed to expand this research to all mental illnesses and ensure that the effects are permanent. This technology will be a critical component to the Nootripure Medical Clinic where it will work along-side physical and chemical therapies used to offer restorative health services to those in need.

Unfortunately, healing people isn't profitable unless they stay sick.

That is why the Nootripure Foundation is changing the landscape of the healthcare industry, and we need your help to do it.