Help your friends. Help yourself. Help the world.

By introducing Nootripure to more people, we are able to better the lives of those you care about, and use the additional income to improve mental wellness for everyone.

GIVE $20, GET $20

Earn $20 by sharing $20 with your friends.

Upon becoming a member, you will get a personalized link that your friends can use to get $20 store credit towards their purchase. For each person that uses the link, you will get $20 applied to your account.

See terms for details.


Earn with just one click.

Three ways in which you can share Nootripure with others, earn cash, all with a single click.

  1. Simply click the link we send to your email inbox
  2. Copy paste the link in your affiliate dashboard
  3. Or click any of the share buttons on the site and we will automatically add your tracking information.
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Help your friends improve their health and get your next product free.

For every 4 referrals, you qualify for a special bonus, and will be eligible to receive a free product voucher to be used at the Nootripure online store.

We believe in superior mental health technology for everyone.

According to the beliefs of Nootripure Foundation, it is the primary goal to take care of the mental health of our members. Therefore, we try to make it as easy and affordable for our members to use the Nootripure technology as possible. This ensures that we, as a community, are achieving superior mental health according to the beliefs of the Nootripure Foundation.