How Do We Fit into the Mission of a Non-profit Organization to improve mental health.

Let’s discuss how we use the Nootripure Mind Health programs to further our mission, why we developed them, and how they fit in the bigger picture of mental health.

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Introduction to improve mental health

The Nootripure programs are a vital component to improve mental health for our society. In the past, our society has accepted that to feel good we must sacrifice health to be happy by using such things as energy drinks, tobacco, illicit substances, or alcohol. Now, we have the technology to improve how we feel while actually improving our health. If we are to compare a life with Nootripure to a life without, we will see that in one walk of life, a person may smoke cigarettes to get through work, drink caffeine to get up in the morning, drink alcohol to be social in the evening, and take sleeping pills to fall asleep at night. All with the consequence of destroying health and mental health making it harder and harder each year to feel normal, leading the person to need more cigarettes, more caffeine, more alcohol just to feel normal. Whereas, with Nootripure, if one were to start at an early age, one can feel and perform great in the morning, then at work, then with friends, then during sleep, all while improving their health year after year until they no longer require the Nootripure products and feeling great becomes their norm. As a mental health non-profit organization, this is the Nootripure difference.

A Proactive Approach

The main difference is that we focus on proactive measures of improving mental wellness. Here is a rough fact. There is no source, but if you think critically about it, surely you will come to the conclusion that it is roughly accurate. Treating mental illness costs about 10 times as much energy and resources as keeping it from happening in the first place. By the time one is to realize that their mind isn’t functioning well enough to live a normal life anymore, it is almost too late. Because of this, we realized that in order to win the war against mental illness, we need to educate people, and provide means for them to maintain their health and resolve the small issues so they don’t become big, expensive medical issues. “Kill the monster while it’s tiny.” A quote that many have heard from the psychology expert and world famous personal development guru Tony Robbins. Regardless of who it came from, taking responsibility to improve the situation before all hell breaks loose is generally a good philosophy in any area of life. As a society we spend over 10 times on treating mental illness rather than improving mental wellness. So what would happen if we spent the same amount of total expenditure (~$16 trillion) on mental wellness programs? Well if you do the math, there would be nearly enough to completely resolve mental illness. But we haven’t made this change because no one is doing it. And here is why.
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Value Vs Popularity

If we talk about mental health with someone, what is the other person likely to think? It sounds like a conversation you have with your therapist. Any of my friends would think I am weird if I went up to them and said “Let’s talk about how to improve our mental health.” It’s not a great conversation starter. Trust me, I tried. Let’s just face it. Mental health just isn’t cool. Especially when trillions of dollars every year are being pumped into marketing the exact opposite to our future generations. Alcohol makes you the life of the party, caffeine makes you a rockstar, cigarettes make you sexy. It’s so acceptable to talk about how to mix a drink, your favorite flavor of vape juice, or which soda tastes best. This language is engrained in our minds not by chance, but by 100 year marketing strategies developed by some of the highest paid psychologists in the world. I don’t mean to pick on the caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol industries as there are many other industries that contribute to the poor mental health of our society such as the pornography industry, video games, or marketing in general. I am just referring to these 3 for brevity and the fact that they are the most popular alternatives to our current product line.


So let’s talk about our approach. How can we change the tide of mental health for the world when there is so much momentum in the opposite direction? First, mental health needs to be a lot more “cool” and a lot more casual. Secondly, we have found that the more educated people become, the less likely they are to be susceptible to advertising campaigns and able to use their own judgement. Third, as people become educated about health, they begin to make wiser choices for themselves. Lastly, by making mental hygiene practices easier, affordable and convenient, the more likely people are to do it. The Nootripure products solve each of these issues via the following.

Form follows function

Each of the products are packaged and marketed according to the standards of the cosmetic or alcohol industry. It doesn’t really cost much more to design packaging well, but it makes it more appealing to the consumer. It’s like the difference between wearing contacts and coke bottle glasses to your third grade class. In one situation your king of the class, and the other you have a “kick me” post it on your back. But our packaging is actually more functional than beauty. Each product is packaged into individual packets for controlled dosing, preservation, and portability. Just like how someone can put a pack of cigarettes in their pocket and look “cool” taking them out, so can they with a Nootripure packet. Furthermore, the box design allows for a groove in the top of the box for an information packet. This is a short welcome packet that briefly explains how to use the product proficiently, educates them about the basics of mental health, and points them to more information to begin their educational journey.
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Knowledge is power

We spend a lot of time and resources to build out our educational library of information regarding how to optimize one’s mental performance. Neuroscientists aren’t cheap, nor are they quick to punch things out. But we do this because there is a wealth of information about health on the internet, and frankly 90% of it will lead to ruin if followed. And to the common person, it can be difficult distinguishing between the two. This is why we very meticulously, concisely, and simply explain each of the compounds, each of the physiological processes, each of the psychological techniques, and each of the lifestyle practices in the Nootripure University; and make it available for free to anyone who signs up as a member of the community. Through these educational resources, we hope to help people learn how to discern between marketing hype (which is ever-so-present in the health and wellness industry) and true scientific fact. As people become more educated they can spend less money on brands and marketing and more money on improving their health.

Deliver Results

Furthermore, the products are easy to use. They work in combination with the 4 mental health programs that we have developed: Think Better, Sleep Better, Love Better, and Perform Better. These are four brief, yet content heavy neuroscience based guides on how to achieve ultimate levels of performance in each respective area of health. The guides are written as if they are reference manuals so that one can easily bookmark a page and come back to it so that the lesson can be well incorporated into one’s habits. They outline how to get the most from the supplement products, and even help people improve their health habits so that they will eventually have no need for the supplemental product. The programs come free with the first purchase of the corresponding product. Not only do we give the program away for free, but the supplement itself is guaranteed to be the most affordable on the market. And just so you know, there are A LOT of health products on the market. However, we have done our research and are confident that there is no product in the same category that can deliver as much value for the price, so we offer a price match guarantee against any other company’s product. At the end of the day, you can experience the power of Nootripure for less than a Starbucks latte. We do this because we don’t want people to feel like we are holding their health hostage. We just need enough to fund our research and help people. We don’t need profit. We need to win this war.

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In conclusion, those are the 4 reasons why we believe the Nootripure products are able to change the direction of mental health for the world. Right now, it may look like a small change, but we are in the stage of research, refinement, and development. Our business model is fully scalable, our mission is inclusive to any number of partnering organizations, and we are continually developing more and more groundbreaking innovations through our research; such as the combination pharmaceutical therapies expected to be on the market in 2021. We aren’t competing in the supplement industry, the health and wellness industry, or even the pharmaceutical industry. We are competing against all the things we spend trillions of dollars on every year that are not improving our health. Let’s support our mission as a non-profit organization that improves mental health.

If any of this makes sense to you, then please consider joining our community. To join our community all that is required is that 1) you agree to take full responsibility for your health (This is a turn-around point for a lot of people) and 2) That you believe in spreading good mental health for all people in the world. For more information, you can check out this page on how to get involved.


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