What we are doing with $100,000

After the successful crowdfunding of $100,000 in late 2019, here is what we are doing with the money and how it is shaping our mission and our future.


On September 15, 2019 Nootripure Laboratories fundraised $103,258 via the Kickstart crowdfunding campaign. People from over 20 countries pledged for the creation of the new line of Nootripure products for mental health. The 4 products are Thriiv for productivity, Infinergii for athletes, Rejuvii for sleep, and Pashiin for love. The products promise unprecedented effectiveness by leveraging the technology developed through the integrative neuroscience research that Nootripure had been developing over the previous couple years.

The new line of products launch in March of 2020. To most this seems like quite a long time to make just a few bottles of supplements. And in fact, it is. The reason is that there is actually much more happening than just new products being released, so let’s take a moment to go over what new changes we expect to see with $100,000 of fundraised money.

Improved Products

Feedback submitted from the beta groups has led to improvements in the formulation for each of the formulas. Infinergii was improved to be more anxiolytic, thus reducing nervousness for athletes in competition. The cycle time for Rejuvii was reduced. As all cognitive enhancement (such as nootropics, caffeine, etc) products need to be cycled, the cycle time for Rejuvii was only 2-3 times per week. The formulation was improved so that Rejuvii can now be taken up to 5 times a week. Now people who deal with chronic sleep issues can be rest assured they will have Rejuvii to help them all week long. Lastly, Pashiin has been changed to reduce stress even more than before. This is important when releasing the stresses of the day to get in the right mood for sexual activity. Furthermore, it was made to be compatible with Rejuvii. Because Rejuvii and Pashiin have a few ingredients that overlap, there was a conflict where one couldn’t take them together. That has been changed, and now one can enjoy Pashiin and Rejuvii in the same day.

All of these changes required reformulation, finding new suppliers, sourcing the ingredients, putting them through our testing standards. It caused a little time delay, but will be well worth it in the long run as we are able to provide better results for people.

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transitioning to a Non-profit organization

Nootripure’s main focus has always been the research and education. The products are just a means to deliver that in a practical and easy way to reach the most people possible. As a non-profit, Nootripure can really focus on the overall goal of providing mental wellness to the people, even when it isn’t profitable. The hope is to get other companies, organizations, and contributors involved in taking action to stop mental illness. From this, Nootripure will be hosting events, improving research efforts, and furthering outreach efforts. You can read more about our reasoning and the impact this will make in this article here.

Developing an online learning system

The Nootripure University was a project that was started in 2017, but it never actually was completed. We now have the budget to complete the University by the end of 2020. Already the technology has been developed and community members can access their dashboard where they can see their course progress and learning objectives. However, a lot of the content is still yet to be published. Every week, at least one new lesson is being created, and by the end of 2020 we expect to have a full curriculum. This is in addition to the Nootridex: an index of every cognitive enhancement compound. Already, people can in a couple easy to read pages learn everything they need to know about each substance and how it affects their health. This and everything else contributed by the neuroscientists and doctors at Nootripure is free for everyone. It is our mission to educate, and this is our gift to the world.


$100,000 is not a lot of money when we compare it to the fact that mental illness is costing us many trillions. However, with just the little money that we have, we have been able to make a significant improvement in the lives of many. Our business model is fully scalable. Nootripure is slowly becoming a seed of hope in a war that we have been losing for many years. If we were to scale with the same money-to-impact ratio, you will see that it can be possible for mental illness to be completely resolved in our lifetime. However, it is a long road and more research is needed. This is why we are so thankful to our contributors. These are people who have voted with their dollar for better mental health for themselves and for the world. People we are honored to have as a part of our community.

This is just the beginning of a very big mission to solve mental illness. We are alive at a very critical time in human evolution. If you ask any expert in the area of environmental sustainability, mental health, or political relations, they will tell you that unless things change in the next 30 years, it is not likely the human race will continue to exist. So our hope is to be part of the turning force of our generation to make a change for the better by keeping people healthy and happy. Nootripure stands for mental health. Now we are just wondering who wants to stand with us?