The Healing Process

What happens to the body when it begins to fix broken tissue and other stress related issues.


There is only one healing process, and that is the process by which the body naturally (with or without intervention) will try to heal itself. In this sense, we are using the word healing to refer to repairing damaged body tissue. All health issues are due to something in the body being damaged. The human body is composed of millions of individual fibers of things like fascia, bone, muscle, tendon, etc. along with 53 glands and 12-14 (depending on the medical system) organs, and a brain all of which can be damaged some time throughout our life. When enough damage occurs, we call this poor health. When the damage affects our ability to think correctly, we call this poor mental health. When the damage causes us to not be able to perform even basic functions, we call this disease. Fortunately, the body is always healing, and by interpreting the input of about 100,000 miles of nerve signals, the brain can calculate the fastest and most efficient way to reallocate resources and heal the damaged tissue. The health of any tissue relies upon the flow of 7 things: nutrients, oxygen, water, electrolytes, electricity, nerve signals, and waste. If any one of these 7 things is impeded, any cell will be hindered in function and eventually die. So maintaining these 7 factors is critically important, and the main structure in our body that is responsible for maintaining the flow of these 7 things is the fascia.

Why is the healing process necessary?

Throughout our life we take on what is commonly referred to as stress. Stress builds up in our body and is referred to as the cause of almost every single chronic illness. If you are to search “stress” in the medical database you will get millions of results. Stress and the healing process are polar opposites. The healing process is merely undoing what decades of stress have done. The healing process removes the “stress” from the body. If we do not remove the stress from the body, it will become worse with time eventually leading to things like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, sexual health disorders, mental illness, or a few hundred other unpleasant yet possible outcomes. Not only that, but our personality is shaped by our stress pattern. Some people are hyperlogical and some people are very heart-warming. This is all determined by what systems are more easily affected by stress and how our body has adapted to fit the situation. If you ever noticed that the older people get, the more set in their ways they become? This is because their stress patterns are becoming solidified. A child has very little solidification and can adapt to their environment and learn new things very easily. But as we age and don’t remove the stress in our body we move toward emotions like frustration, feeling overwhelmed easily, emotionally unstable or even worse, apathetic. Not only that, but our creativity, mental clarity and learning ability decrease as well. So if that is not a future that you are looking forward to, then it would be best to read through this article carefully and engage in the healing process to remove this stress immediately so that you can live a life free of worry and with ultimate mental clarity.

The Fascia

The foremost way of improving flow to tissues and organs and reconstructing the body is to improve fascia health. So we will cover a lot on how the fascia works and how to reconstruct it for better flow. With that said, it is not the end-all-be-all, but it makes a good first step as almost everyone in the world, especially in well-developed societies, have extreme amounts of fascial damage even by the age of 14. Once the fascia is restored, it just makes the flow of the aforementioned 7 life supporting factors better and all other tissue regeneration happen much faster, making for quick and effective healing.

If the body is always healing, then why do I still have health issues?

Before about 10,000 years ago, humans lived in such a way where they could repair the damage about as fast as they would create it. However, today we have bills to pay, rules to obey, family to please, and little time for healing. In fact, most people will purposefully stop the body from healing in order to accomplish their goals. The most common way of doing this is by using caffeine, the main ingredient in coffee, tea, and all energy supplements. It is the worlds favorite and most popular drug with almost unanimous use among the global population. It works by allocating physiological resources away from healing and toward the muscles and brain for better movement and thinking. In short, it is an easy way to ‘trick’ the body out of healing. This combined with our desire to destroy our physiology using things like alcohol, drugs, not getting enough sleep, not stretching enough, over-thinking, and holding on to destructive emotions is completely normal in our society as much as it is a very perfect recipe for a physiological disaster.

Taking care of ourselves has become a forgotten tradition. By about the age of 30, people generally start realizing that they are losing critical functions and will start seeking better health, and by the age of about 60, improving health becomes most people’s primary focus. When interviewing the elderly, almost unanimously the single biggest regret in people’s lives was that they didn’t take better care of their health when they were young. But at the age of 60+, the problems have become solidified and most people are just happy to still be alive in the condition they are in. From the best of our knowledge here at Nootripure, somewhere around the age of 30 (with much variation) is the critical point where issues become no longer able to be fully fixed, as problems become increasingly worse and solidified every day that we don’t allocate the necessary time and effort needed to fix them.

Is there still hope?

Yes! We must engage in the healing process and get started now. With a little daily investment of time, energy, and resources, anyone can begin reversing the damage of their body and once again live fully with a clear mind and utmost vitality. In fact, we created 4 programs that were designed to help with exactly this in each of 4 areas of life: career, athletics, sleep, and sex. You are already engaging in these activities in some way at some point in time, why not do them in such a way as to rebuild your health and your mind? This is what the Nootripure mission is about and is why we created the 4 programs (as of 2020, with many more to come). We want to make it easy to repair the body and mind, and make it convenient so that it is practical in our modern day lifestyles. This way, for just a few dollars and a few minutes a day, you can start reconstructing your mind, and experience a life of joy like you did when you were a small child.

So what does the healing process feel like?

The healing process is really annoying. We say that because it is often uncomfortable and gets in the way of our daily activities. Think of healing much like a very slow and ongoing surgery (without cutting the skin). We will endure a surgery and sometimes lie in bed for weeks to recover from something not working well in the body. We know it will hurt, we know it will be uncomfortable, and we know it doesn’t exactly fit into our desired lifestyle, but we still do it don’t we? Because, for example, if you’ve been shot, and they don’t take out the bullet, the consequences if you don’t get the surgery to remove the bullet will be much worse than how annoying-ness of the surgery. The same goes for the healing process.

Ideally the healing process should have the same level of intensity as giving birth with the only difference being that you are not giving birth to a baby over the course of a few hours but rather giving birth to a new you over the course of months. The experience can be quite intense at times and is unmistakable if done correctly.

Why is the healing process so annoying?

As we move throughout our lives, we want to be well-liked, energetic, passionate about this or that, always on an adventure, and ready to handle everything that comes our way and perform with excellence. This is what is expected from us since we were a child is it not? However, biology doesn’t work like that. All biological systems need balance, so the body will naturally try to rebalance itself. Here is a quick list of things the body does to rebalance and heal itself.

  • Sleep
  • Yawn
  • Space out / mind blank
  • Laugh
  • Smile
  • Cry
  • Twitch
  • Seizure
  • Jaw clench (some)
  • Lethargy / rest
  • Sneeze

Some other indications that the body is trying to heal may include headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, ringing in the ears, iching, tickling, stomach ache, nausea, migraines, and sudden changes in emotion. Wow, this is starting to sound like the back of a prescription medicine bottle. If you’re wondering why these things happen, it’s due to changes in nerve flow and the fascia around the body. If the nerves at the base of the skull are changed, it will cause the eyes, nose and ears to change their connectivity to the brain. If the nerve flow to the organs changes, then our emotions (or even personality) will change suddenly as well (particularly for the large intestine, stomach, liver and heart). If nerve flow to the stomach or small intestine is changed, then it will cause a stomach ache and/or nausea. If the fascia contracts OR EXPANDS over the skull, it will cause a headache. If the nerves are partially integrated into the fascia, it will cause tickling, and if it is ready to fully integrate the nerves into the fascia it will itch.

Side note: This is why alcohol makes people itch. They drink alcohol, they relax, the fascia expands, the nerves start sending erratic signals to the brain, the brain naturally responds by using the hand to move the fascia around so the nerve flow can be restored. Feels good getting that nerve flow restored doesn’t it?

But aren’t these effects of the healing process side effects and isn’t that bad?

Not necessarily. These things indicate change in the nerves and fascia. They happen when there is either a lot of damage being done or there is a lot of healing being done. The only time you won’t feel them is when nothing is being done, meaning no damage, and no healing. If you get a headache from an auto accident, it probably means something was damaged. If you get a headache from just going about your usual day, it probably means that you are healing as the body is always working on things. However if your usual day is being yelled at by coworkers and under high stress for 12 hours a day, then the headache might be a bad thing. So you have to use a little bit of intelligence when trying to figure out if these effects are signals of constructing the body, or destructing the body. Ultimately we all want to construct our body into our ideal state, but leaving our interpretation of what is happening on a cellular level up to subjective changes in nerve input is not a good idea. So we must not regard these symptoms as either good or bad, but rather continuously take care of our body regardless of what we feel.

Some people will fear the healing process. Some people will go through with it. Most people in the world will choose to “deal with it later” which will eventually become never. In the back of everyone’s mind is a notion of “I should take better care of my health”. But how do we actually implement that into one’s life? It can be confusing as we get overwhelmed by marketing companies pitching ‘health’ in all sorts of products as we work hard at paying the bills and trying to manage a decent living. So our sole and primary goal as an organization to improve mental health is to convince people to stop putting off letting their body heal.

The nootripure programs

The Nootripure programs are tools or guides that stimulate the healing process. That is their primary function. Each of them have a secondary function that enhances the experience of each of the 4 lifestyle areas of career, athletics, sleep and sex. This makes the Nootripure programs not only beneficial for long term health, but for immediate performance. Because when the body heals well, it feels well; and when it feels well, it will perform well. Who doesn’t want to perform well in those four categories? Surely you can think of other things that can help one feel or do better for a day, but as of right now, most of those things will cause long term damage to the body, and to the best of our knowledge, we are the only organization in the world designing programs like this that help reconstruct tissues as they help one perform better as well.

Side note: If you do find another organization doing something similar, please feel free to let us know as we are always interested in collaborating so that we can bring even better solutions to the world.

Are there alternatives to the healing process?

Yes and no. The human body has developed this system of healing over the course of millions of years of evolution to be perfect and optimized in every way. However, on the other side, medical intervention could serve purposes that natural healing cannot such as augmenting the body with a bionic eye so that the blind can see, or a prosthetic limb so the crippled can walk. You can also look at the example of using graphs such as ‘stents’ that are used to help arteries rebuild after heart surgery. The stent is a device that acts somewhat as temporary fascia and allows the cells to restructure appropriately. But these methods are very costly, the technology still has a long way for them to be more well integrated into the body’s healing process, and are typically only used in extreme medical circumstances. In all other cases, the healing process that is as natural to the body as drinking water or breathing air is our only option.

But why only nootripure, are there any other companies or organizations providing something similar?

Unfortunately we haven’t found any other organizations that are doing something quite like this. Although there are a lot of very useful methodologies such as religious centers offering wisdom that creates better mental constructs to keep one’s personality from further damaging the body. Some doctors use traditional chinese medicine or ayurvedic medicine to create balance in the body and organs. Psychotherapists will help people trace and become more aware of the thought patterns that are hurting them. Physical therapists and massage therapists help reshape the body back into its proper form. And of course there are people like yoga or pilates instructors that teach people how to stretch and reshape their fascia to allow muscles and other tissues to work better. All of these are very complimentary to the Nootripure programs and will all help with the healing process. In fact, the Nootripure programs are inclusive of all the aforementioned elements as there are specific instructions on how to leverage each of these complimentary healing methods to get more results from the same efforts. For example, there are yoga masters that still have serious inflexibility, there are many psychotherapists who don’t know how to manage the drama in their own lives, and there are many doctors that still cannot even heal themselves. So these are just tools for healing (really good ones), but having a tool and applying it isn’t the final answer. If it were, everyone who did yoga would eventually become mystical gurus, but we all know that isn’t happening. Nootripure hopes to solve this gap between powerful healing tools and powerful life changing results. Our mission is to be able to resolve any and every mental illness for anyone in a matter of weeks. We hope to release this technology by 2030. With much research to be done, we are currently right on track. However, if you feel like donating to help our research efforts, it will help you and the world immensely.

What about all the amazing technology and health products in the world?

If you buy something to improve your health, but it does not instigate the healing process, then that means there is no major change, and that your health is likely to stay right around the same level it was. After an hour of deep tissue massage, no one gets up and says, “Geeze I don’t feel any different” unless the therapist was really bad. The reason is that for a deep tissue massage, a therapist is using all their weight and strength to make a change to the tissue. They are creating change therefore one will unwaveringly feel a noticeable difference. All solutions for better health should be noticeably effective within a relatively short amount of time. There are very few exceptions to this rule such as ingredients like blueberries that when eaten alone, don’t really do a lot but when combined with other herbs can create a strong detox response by the body. So if a product is a part of a solution or is used as a preparation for a solution that is unwaveringly noticeable, then that is okay. But if the solution as a whole doesn’t ‘take your breath away’ so to say, then it may not be worth the investment. Healing is intense, anything less than intense is not effective when considering we are attempting to undo a lifetime’s worth of stress. The reality is that most health products are trends that were created by the marketing industry. High profit marketing pervades every health care system, medical system, and area of the health & wellness industry. So it is important to be very critical when choosing an investment that you are betting your life on.

I like the idea, but what if I want to do the healing process, but without Nootripure?

If you want to avoid the Nootripure MiindHealth programs but still want to try going through the healing process on your own, then the best alternatives would be to go to an ayurvedic medical center or a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Even though their terminology is ancient and difficult to understand, they do indeed understand how to balance the body and are able to assess most of the components when creating a solution. Usually their solutions contain many methodologies such as physical intervention, electrical intervention, diet intervention, medicinal intervention, and movement based intervention such as tai chi and yoga. Rather than categorization, they are multifaceted systems built on methodology and balance taking into account that everyone’s body and condition is different. This makes it a better system for working with the body’s natural healing processes and repairing damaged tissue.

Why don’t you mention a hospital or allopathic medical center as a way for improving health?

Because the medical centers are very specific with what they do, and according to the law, they provide medical services for the prevention and treatment of disease. Dealing with disease and health are two completely different things. If you were in a traumatic accident, don’t go to a healing shaman, you need a paramedic. But visa versa is also true. If you are unable to concentrate, can’t think clearly, have been overwhelmed in life, or feel unmotivated, then it doesn’t make sense to call a paramedic? Allopathic medicine is designed to mitigate symptoms of disease, and healing centers are designed to restore health. So you need to ask yourself whether better health or aversion of disease is more important in your current situation and go to the appropriate place. 

Yet most people in the world would still rather take the bullet. This in psychology would be referred to as “self-destructive behavior”. What would be the point of putting all the work into repairing something we don’t see value in? But you are different! If you have made it to this site and read this far, then clearly something inside you believes that not only is a better life possible, but you are ready to invest in yourself to provide that level of health, mental clarity and joy for yourself; and you deserve it.


Needless to say, stress sucks; for everyone. It has disastrous consequences on our personality, our relationships, career, and health. It can lead us to the darkest valleys and even push us to death or suicide. So we are all at war with stress and the only way to win that war is to get rid of the stress. To do that, we must engage the body and mind with a bit of vigorousness so that it can heal past what it is normally capable of. As animals develop stress, they whimper until they roll over one day. But we are human. We have techniques and technology, and we can leverage our intelligence to undo the effects of stress so that we may live vibrantly and unaffected.

The premise behind the Nootripure Foundation, why we have invested so much into our research, and why this article is 4000 words long is that we are committed to helping people remove built up stress. So far no medical institution or healing art in the world has been able to do this. But our research is on track and by 2030 we are committed to providing a viable solution. Everything we do is for this single purpose. Rather than try to resolve or fix hundreds of diseases, we are focused on resolving the one problem that is causing all those diseases. With almost every chronic disease in the world having the underlying cause of stress, if we are to remove stress from the equation of our lives, it will make all chronic diseases highly improbable for everyone. The Nootripure products are the very beginning of this long path of research. They allow the mind to stop stressing, and start repairing so that the healing process can start. Once the mind relaxes and the body is no longer stressing trying to support its high consumption and need, then the body can start healing too. It will be uncomfortable undoing decades of built up damage, but it will be worth it. We hope that this article has prepared you for the journey and laid out the good and the bad so that you can see what challenges might lie ahead and also give you confirmation that ‘no, your body isn’t weird, it is actually very amazing, and it is trying to help you every second in getting rid of this built up stress so that you can live the life you have dreamed of’. Your body loves you. We just need to leverage the tools we have available to start winning our own battle. You can do it. We are here to help you through.