Semax is a member of ACTH-derived peptides family and used mostly in Russia and Ukraine for a wide range of conditions but primarily for its purported nootropic, neuroprotective, and neurogenic/neurorestorative properties. Semax is considered as 1000 times stronger than Piracetam that makes it similar in concentration to Noopept.  It is very effective for protecting against brain damage, cognitive degeneration, and for stroke victims. Evidence suggests that this peptide has cognitive enhancing properties. Semax affects cognitive brain functions by modulating the expression and the activation of the hippocampal BDNF/trkB system.[1]


Semax is a neuroactive peptide previously used in the treatment of ischemic stroke in patients. It can decrease neurological deficiency and reduce NO hyperproduction in the animal brain caused by acute cerebral hypoperfusion.[2] As a nootropic, Semax is used to enhance cognition, memory performance and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.[3]
Semax comes with a lot of health benefits which include:

  • Improves cognitive function [5]
  • Increases memory and learning [6]
  • Promotes alertness [12]
  • Enhances attention [7]
  • Increases immune system [9]
  • Improves mood [10]
  • Protects neurons from damage caused by oxidative stress[4]
  • Reduces stress [8]
  • Helps with glaucoma [11]
  • Protects the heart from damage after a stroke or heart attack [13]
  • Helps people who have ADHD [14]
  • May help alleviate pain [15]
  • Enhance both the striatal release of dopamine and serotonin [16]

Semax increases neuroplasticity and enhances Glutamatergic and Cholinergic activity. It has also been observed to promote the adaptive capacity of the brain to environmental sources of stress and to reduce the symptoms of fatigue after long hours of exhaustive mental work.

How it works

Semax affects several biological processes involved in the function of various systems. The immune response is the process most markedly affected by the drug. Semax altered the expression of genes that modulate the amount and mobility of immune cells and enhanced the expression of genes that encode chemokines and immunoglobulins. In conditions of animal brain focal ischemia, Semax influenced the expression of genes that promote the formation and functioning of the vascular system.
The immunomodulating effect of the peptide and its impact on the vascular system during ischemia are likely to be the key mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective effects of the peptide.[17]
Semax functions by modulating receptors and for the neurotransmitters acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, adenosine, histamine and others. It also makes NMDA receptors active for glutamate in the central and peripheral nervous system and increases energy metabolism in your neurons.


Semax is usually considered safe with no serious side effects. There are no known interactions with other drugs, signs of addiction or symptoms of withdrawal from this nootropic drug. As Semax is a newer nootropic compound, it needs immense research. Consult your physician before using any medications.


The recommended Semax dosage on a daily basis can be around 0.25 – 1 mg for the full day. It must be administered via nasal spray as sublingual consumption will be rendered inactive.
However, the effective dosage of Semax is believed to be 1000 times smaller than Piracetam by weight. Semax is typically sold in a 0.1% or a 1% nasal spray solution in bottles of 3 ml which may contain 60 doses each.