Guarana Extract


Guarana, a natural herb originates from a native Brazilian berry. According to the Biological Resonance Data Bank, Guaranine (better called caffeine) is found in Guarana, and is just like caffeine derived from different sources, like coffee, tea, and yerba mate. [1] Guarana contains two times additional caffeine than regular coffee beans do, making it rather more effective in increasing mental alertness and overall strength. Guarana goes back many years past when it had been used for its medicinal functions within the Amazonian Indians’ Society and by the nineteenth century, however, it began to achieve popularity as a stimulant.


Guaranine, a compound in Guarana almost like caffeine, stimulates the body and promotes alertness, removes tiredness. By interfering nucleoside receptors within the brain, Guarana slows down the start of exhaustion and heightens concentration. The most common health benefits of Guarana include:

  • Acts as an antioxidant [4]
  • Increases cognitive performance [6]
  • Promotes alertness and mood [5]
  • Boosts energy and reduces fatigue and depression [4]
  • Increases memory [7]
  • Improves weight loss [8]
  • Helps people who are suffering from breast cancer [9]
  • Promotes heart health [10]
  • Improves mental health [11]

Guarana, a compound with chemicals similar to caffeine is a nootropic and works on the brain by increasing mental alertness and promoting overall energy levels.[2] At the University of Tasmania a study comparing the consequences of coffee, Guaraná and Yerba Mate showed that Guaraná made the best alertness and improvement within the performance of mental tasks. It will produce a resistance to headache, though the explanation for this is not yet identified. It will increase metabolism and restrain hunger, which may facilitate dieters keep a well-balanced weight loss.[3]

How it works

The main active compound in Guarana is guaranine, a compound with chemicals just like caffeine that’s found profusely within the seeds and fruit of the Guarana tree. Having much nutritional value, Guarana is akin to that of coffee, and it contains roughly identical balance between tannins, protein, starches, and fat.
Just like caffeine, guaranine blocks nucleoside receptors within the brain, reducing the consequences of dopamine (one of the neurotransmitters made by the brain) and slowing down the onset of fatigue symptoms. Therefore, it will heighten concentration, focus, and energy; it conjointly appears ready to increase resistance to pain and headache. Being a nootropic Guarana works on the brain by increasing mental alertness and promoting overall energy levels.
Amazonian Indians used guaraná for internal organ complaints, and currently we all know that the high tannic acid levels of this herb build it sensible for delicate diarrhea.


Unlike other nootropics, Guarana may have some side effects such as, excessive nervousness, insomnia, and alternative health risks in patients sensitive to caffeine. As a result of its caffeine content, Guarana probably could interact with atomic number 3, theophylline, and major tranquilizer.


Guarana paste is employed as a stimulant at a dose of 1 g, typically dissolved in water or juice. Like other sorts of caffeine, guarana could interact with certain drugs, and an excessive amount of guarana carries all the risks related to high levels (over 300mg) of caffeine. In contrast to coffee, however, laboratory tests have shown no proof of toxicity even in massive doses; however, guarana ought to be avoided throughout pregnancy and lactation, or if there’s high blood pressure.


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