Dihexa Peptide Benefits for Cognitive Function

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Scientific facts About Dihexa

Dihexa, also known as N-hexanoic-Tyr-Ile-(6) aminohexanoic amide, or its developmental code name PNB-0408, is an oligopeptide drug derived from angiotensin IV that binds with high affinity to hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and potentiates its activity at its receptor, c-Met.Dihexa is a nooptropic and a small peptide that has been developed by researchers from Washington State University to potently improve certain cognitive function of potential trauma-based brain disorders and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s through increased synaptogenesis.In an assay of neurotrophic activity, Dihexa was found to be seven orders of magnitude more potent than brain-derived neurotrophic factor.[1] Dihexa has also been called a “neurogenic wonder-drug” and the drug can be ten million times stronger than BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor), one of the leading medications for new synapse formation.

Dihexa health Benefits

Dihexa is a relatively new drug and basically, this drug has been synthesized for the purpose of relieving people who have Alzheimer’s disease. So Dihexa’s primary reputation is as a potent nootropic supplement for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Whereas most Alzheimer’s drugs impede the progression of the disease, Dihexa repairs the damage in the synapse between neurons. For this reason, it is extremely popular among the medical community.
The most common health benefits of Dihexa include:

Help people who have Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD)[7]

  1. Increase mental stamina [8]
  2. Enhance creative thinking and social intuition and conversational skills [9]
  3. People report it as it improves problem-solving skills
  4. Manage depression [10]
  5. Improve general long and short-term memory [11]
  6. Improve focus and learning [12]
  7. Improve heart health [13]
  8. Improve hair health [14]
  9. People report as it boosts mental endurance

Users have reported increases in creative thinking, social intuition, and problem-solving skills. There has also been a fair deal of non-responders who haven’t felt anything at all.
It has also been considered as a prospective guard against aminoglycoside toxicity in hair cells. The outcome of this test found that Dihexa provided optimal protection against severe treatment with otoxin.



Dihexa is a first-in-class compound that is orally active, penetrates the blood-brain barrier, and facilitates memory consolidation and retrieval. This angiotensin-based small molecule may be efficacious for AD.[4]Harding, the designer of the drug Dihexa, says that they have quickly found out that this molecule is absolutely, insanely active. He further suggests that Dihexa or molecules like it may have applications in other neurodegenerative disease or brain traumas where neuronal connections are lost.[5]Dihexa also shows promise in overcoming memory and motor dysfunctions by augmenting synaptic connectivity via the formation of new functional synapses.[6]


Although Dihexa seems to have a wealth of benefits, it isn’t without its side effects. One Reddit user reports side effects that seem to preclude it from being an eligible candidate for regular use.

After a one-week trial, the user had this to say about their experience on Dihexa:
“The biggest problem was the mounting attention deficit, which mirrored the complications exhibited by extended NSI-189 supplementation. I couldn’t gauge whether this side effect aggregated distinctly faster with Dihexa than it does with NSI-189–which seemed to get to its worst at around 4 weeks of continuous use–but it seemed to be getting there when I decided to stop.

However, one clear side effect relates to withdrawal of Dihexa supplementation after discontinuing use. Jitters and irritability may be possible though no known reports of more acute withdrawal symptoms can be dug up at this time. Consult with your doctor before taking any kind of drugs.

The average ranges of Dihexa dosage are between 8 and 45 milligrams taken orally. As with almost all supplements, you should consult with your physician for the perfect dosage. You are also suggested to seek advice from your doctor if you are pregnant, nursing or taking prescription drugs on a daily basis.

It is also noted that the general consensus among the nootropic community at large suggests that there are no significant contraindications with Dihexa.