DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a steroid hormone [1] within the body. it’s created by the adrenal glands and then changed to testosterone (a natural substance produced by the male body), and estrogens (a hormone produced in women’s ovaries that cause them to develop feminine features) and various other helpful hormones in regulating the body’s natural processes. [2] DHEA is a supplement that’s typically used for anti-aging, muscle building, sexual health and more.


A number of studies have found that DHEA supplements might facilitate to increase mental focus, physical and mental energy, sleep quality and overall vitality. DHEA also helps alleviate the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).
According to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database,[3] DHEA is expressed to be probably effective for the following health conditions:

  • Increaseepidermal thickness, sebum production skin hydration, and reduce facial skin pigmentation in older men and women [6]
  • Improveerectile dysfunction, orgasmic function, sexual desire, and overall sexual satisfaction in men with impotence secondary to cardiovascular disease [7]
  • Taking DHEA orally 50-100 mg per day seems to develop bone mineral density (BMD) in older women and men with osteoporosis or osteopenia [8]
  • Hinder growth of human and ratprostate cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner— i.e., the higher the concentration of DHEA, the larger the hindrance of growth! [9]
  • Hinderthe impacts of aging [10]
  • promote weight loss and healthy weight maintenance [11]
  • Improve symptoms of RA (rheumatoid arthritis) [12]
  • Increasecognitive performance [13]
  • Improve sexualdysfunction [14]

How it works

DHEA, an adrenal testosterone is naturally created from cholesterol via the actions of two cytochrome P450 enzymes. At first, cholesterol is changed into pregnenolone by P450SCC (side chain cleavage). Then, pregnenolone is converted into 17-alpha-hydroxypregnenolone, and ultimately, to DHEA by CYP17A1.[4] DHEA levels increase till our mid to late 20’s then gradually begin to decline. While taking a DHEA supplement, you will notice that it is sort of like giving the body an extra shot of Androstenedione. It then converted into male and female sex hormones to help produce a number of its reported benefits.
The mechanism of dissociation of cortisol and DHEA synthesis in aging depends on a regulator of 17,20-lyase of cytochrome P450c17 such as cytochrome P450 reductase. The beneficial effects of DHEA as an anti-aging steroid based on both in vitro and in vivo experiments, such as the stimulatory effect of immune system, anti-diabetes mellitus, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-dementia (neurosteroid), anti-obesity and anti-osteoporosis. [15]


Many studies recommend its safety and tolerability, however, excessive or improper use might cause side effects together with acne, hair loss, indigestion, irritability, anger, aggressiveness, insomnia, suppress menstruation and facial hair growth in women.
Anyone suffering from hormone-related cancer should definitely avoid DHEA due to the probability of increased estrogen levels and also anyone suffering from liver problems should avoid DHEA supplementation.


For adult males higher than the age of 19, the suggested daily dose of DHEA is 50 mg, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. For females higher than the age of 19, the suggested daily dose is 25 mg. It is recommended that females with eating disorder and adrenal insufficiency should take 50 mg of the hormone daily. [5]