7 Tips to Optimize Referrals and Make More Money

Here are a few simple tips for our affiliates to share our products in a way that gives the best results. We also give some examples and counter-examples to illustrate each point.

1. Make it Simple

You may know a lot about nootropics or supplements, but keep in mind that what may be common sense, may not be so common to others. We need to make it simple and easy to understand in order to get the message across. Often times, it is a few simple sentences that can make more of an impact than a long detailed paragraph. When sharing your enthusiasm for our products, think about the three or less key interests that particularly spark an interest by your network. Focus on using as few of words as possible to get across those 3 points.

“Check out these neurological enhancement supplements. They contain adaptogens, racetams, neurominerals and neurovitamins that increase your memory, focus, motivation, mood, confidence, coordination, visual acuity, verbal fluency and energy. They source only the most bioavailable and highest purity ingredients to create their products, and 3rd party lab test everything.”

“Hey I found this cool brain health supplement that has helped me up my ranks recently. It says it can improve visual acuity and reaction time. Maybe it can help us win the gaming tournament next week.”

2. Speak with Honesty

Sometimes we get so excited when we find something we like. We appreciate your enthusiasm. But over excitement can kill the buzz immediately for others if it borders the line of truthfulness. For example, there is no need to post that you won a competition or aced a quiz because of our products, if you haven’t yet. The effects of our products don’t need to be exaggerated either. Even saying that you feel light, happy, and feel like you got every penny worth is a strong enough statement. The most important thing is that your statements are truthful, even if they aren’t the biggest headlines, because products come and go, but your relationships are forever.

“Wow! After a week of trying THRIIV, I could learn new languages in a matter of weeks! You need to try this!”

“Learning french right now. Thank god I have THRIIV. It really helps me remember all the new words. Even my pronunciation is better. THRIIV makes learning languages so fun!”

3. Make it Your Style

If you normally have a very casual style, or use a lot of slang, just because you want to earn money for making referrals, doesn’t mean you need to change your personality. As professional as this seems, you’re just referring brain vitamins. So be you. Use language that is most comfortable, that everyone expects from you. As long as people can understand the message clearly, anything goes.

“These neurological enhancement supplements are superb. I highly recommend them for their efficacy.”

“OMG. Hey check this cool product out! This supplement is def off the hook ;)”

4. Use Your Creativity

There are many ways to share a message. The last thing you want to sound like is a sleazy infomercial sales pitch. So if you want to share a message that people will not ignore, you have to use a little creativity to get your message noticed. Use things that might be common between you and your friends or something new that you have never seen before. 

“These nootropics will make you super smart. High quality. Only pure ingredients. All natural.”

“Who wants to bet that I can skip studying for my drivers test and still pass just by taking THRIIV?“

5. Don't boast

Our products are already amazing. Often times the amazing feeling is unnoticed in our products until someone gets into a high demand situation like giving a speech or solving difficult problems. The subtleties of long term health combined with short term enhanced cognitive improvement are the core of the philosophy behind the product. You will want to avoid the risk of making something sound “too good to be true”. Just keep it realistic and practical.

“I use THRIIV to win sports competitions. Now you can too.”

“I started taking this brain health supplement called THRIIV. When I am competing in sports competitions, I feel that THRIIV just gives me that little boost in power and speed that makes all the difference. Not fully sure why, but I certainly have been winning a lot lately. Maybe it’s THRIIV.”

6. Make a Suggestion

No one likes being told what to do. All over the internet you will see lines and buttons that say “Buy now to get the best deal!” or “Hurry up and place your order because time is running out!” Even though this may work well for an infomercial, when asking someone in your network to take a look at THRIIV. It is much better to just make it a suggestion rather than a command. Let their own curiosity guide them to the site. If they have a true need for better cognitive function, they will naturally be curious and want to visit the site. You are merely the guiding light to their own health.

“Neurological enhancement supplements on sale now! Hurry up and buy!”

“This site has some really good products that helped me think and perform better with my work and a few of my hobbies. Maybe they can help you too. Here is a link if you want to check it out.”

7. Don't be an Expert

If you start sounding like you are a scientific expert about nootropics in front of your friends, they are going to give you all their questions. Why not make your life easy by letting our support and our website be the expert. There is no need to talk about the science. We have hundreds of pages on our site with neuroscience. Just point your friend to a page that might answer their question. If it is not already on the site, just tell them to send us an email. We always respond within 24 hours and we would be glad to help your friend find what is right for them.

“The effects of this product are so powerful because this company combines adaptogens with cannabinoids and other powerful nootropic compounds which balance the neurotransmitter levels in your brain like dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine to their optimal levels.”

“I am not sure to exactly how it works as I am not a scientist, but here is a link to the nootropics university. It is a whole curriculum of information written by neuroscientists where you can learn about how to use nootropics just like I did. All i know is that it certainly works for me.”

Thank you for taking these points into consideration when sharing your passion for our products. We hope to not only make you healthy and make you some extra cash, but we also hope that you are able to make some good friends in the process. Now you have some ideas as to how to go about sharing about our products with others in a way that makes sense to them, and makes it easy for you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how better use your affiliate privileges.