What is Uridine?

Uridine, also known as UDP or UMP, is called a brain-boosting supplement. It is a nucleotide base found in high levels in beer which is used for increasing synthesis of cellular membranes and for other neurological properties. As a nootropic, Uridine seems to have potentially cognitive enhancing properties. Uridine has a profound benefit for overall health and wellness, and it is necessary for a broad range of cognitive functions. Uridine is a nucleoside, a molecule consisting of a nucleobase (a molecule formed when transcribing the DNA) and a ribose (a naturally occurring molecule). Being non-essential, it is supplied from food or synthesized by the body from uracil. Supplementing Uridine for increasing levels of RNA in the brain has been documented to improve memory formation, especially, improve spatial short term memory, recognition, recall, attention, and executive functions.[1][2]

Uridine health benefits

Uridine has numerous beneficial nootropic effects, such as improving working memory, learning and motivation. Supplementing uridnine can make you faster in writing, reading, or simply just concentrating on a task at hand with what seems like much less conscious effort. Such effects are seen mostly because this supplement converts into Choline and then Acetylcholine. Actually, uridine works together with choline to enhance the cognitive function. It increases the production and discharge of vital neurotransmitters like acetylcholine and dopamine. It is also thought to help with Alzheimer’s disease and mental disorders. Uridine functions in the central nervous system.  Its administration has sleep-promoting and anti-epileptic actions, improves memory function and affects neuronal plasticity.[3] The common health benefits of uridine include:Increases cognitive function [4] Improves learning and memory [5] Improves mood [6] Reduces depression [7] Reduces stress [8] Reduces anxiety [9] Alleviates inflammation [10] Improves blood flow [9] Slows brain aging [11] Protects heart health [12] Promotes sleep [13] Helps people who have Alzheimer’s disease [14] Improves brain health [15] Helps restore liver regeneration [16] Helps with HIV-positive problems [17]Uridine has an interesting effect on your brain. It repairs brain membrane fluidity; and hence the supplement is considered to be effective in improving the health of your brain cells.

How Uridine works?

Uridine is an element which is absorbed from within the liver and able to cross the important blood-brain barrier. It is a nucleoside consisting of uracil and D-ribose and a component of RNA. Uridine is soluble (in water) and a very weakly acidic compound. Uridine is one of the components in RNA and related to DNA. RNA has an important role in the formation and encoding of memories via long-term potentiation. It helps the growth of new synapses in your brain, increases signaling between neurons, and assists in the formation of acetylcholine (ACh). If RNA levels decline with our age, supplementing uridine supplement can keep these levels higher resulting in better memory function. Uridine stimulates the discharge of the neurotransmitter dopamine which is known as ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter in your brain. And increased level of dopamine has a significant effect on your mood, learning and attention. Moreover, uridine is converted to CDP Choline in the brain and it is thought to have an effect of increasing the synthesis of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine that helps affect the brain’s synaptic plasticity and working memory.

Consideration and recommendation

Like other nootropics, Uridine is also considered a very safe and well-tolerated supplement and every healthy adult can take it. However, though very rare, there may be some mild side effects such as headaches, fatigue, nervousness, and some gastrointestinal distress. High doses may also cause fever and diarrhea. Uridine may lower the levels of vitamin B12. In this case, you have to take a B12 and B9 supplement as a solution.

When taken in moderate dosage, Uridine is safe and effective. A recommended daily dose may be between 500 mg and 2 grams (2,000 mg) of Uridine powder or tablets.
You can also combine this supplement with a high quality source of Choline like Alpha GPC, CDP Choline if you want to maximize your results with this brain supplement.
Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or in other condition

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