Tongkat Ali

What is Tongkat ALi

Tongkat ali, obtained from the root and bark of the shrub called Eurycoma longifolia, is an herbal supplement used as an aphrodisiac and testosterone booster. This medicinal plant is found in South East Asia where it is commonly called ‘Malaysian ginseng’ or ‘Longjack’ due to its traditional use as a general health and “anti-aging” tonic. As a modern dietary supplement, tongkat ali helps improve libido and energy, restore hormonal balance (cortisol/testosterone levels) and enhance both sports performance and weight loss. Evidence also shows that tongkat ali is used for reduced fatigue, heightened energy and mood, enhanced physical function, and greater sense of well-being.[1]

Tongkat Ali health benefits

Tongkat ali, an herbal supplement, is best known for its ability to enhance libido, testosterone levels, erectile function, sexual performance, and fertility in men, for which it has been referred to as “Malaysia’s home-grown Viagra”. It is used as an adaptogen and as a traditional “anti-aging” remedy to help older individuals adapt to the reduced energy, mood, and libido that often comes with age.[2] Besides being a potential supplement for sexual health and performance, tongkat ali may also be beneficial in male osteoporosis, building muscle, reducing body fat, raising the metabolic rate, improving blood circulation and energy levels, relieving of diabetes, and reducing anxiety. However, tongkat ali has a variety of health benefits including:Increases testosterone [3] Improves male fertility [4] Improves sexual health [5] Enhances muscle strength [6] Increases athletic performance [7] Promotes weight loss [8] Helps people fight cancer [9] Reduces stress and anxiety [10] Enhances immune system [11] Helps with diabetes [12] Reduces pain [13] Alleviates inflammation [14] Helps with male osteoporosis [15] Improves erectile function [16] Improves physical and mental energy levels and overall quality of life [17] Has effects on stress hormone balance [17]A study was done in 2012. The study was done on seventy-six men, only 35% of whom had normal testosterone levels. It was reported that after one month of supplementing with tongkat ali, the number of men in the group with normal testosterone levels jumped to over 90%.[18]

How tongkat ali works?

Tongkat ali has a range of medicinal properties as a general health tonic, including improvement in physical and mental energy levels and overall quality of life. Tongkat ali or Eurycoma longifolia has been reported to have antioxidative properties due to its high concentrations of superoxide dismutase. Tongkat ali is also popular for its aphrodisiac property due to its ability to stimulate the production or action of androgen hormones, especially testosterone. Hence, it can be used as an alternative for testosterone replacement therapy and for the treatment of osteoporosis in androgen-deficient males. Human trials have also demonstrated that Tongkat ali supplementation increased the level of testosterone. The exact mechanism of tongkat ali’s effect on androgenic is still unclear but various data have indicated the potential of tongkat ali as a natural booster to serum testosterone.[19] The bioactive fraction of Eurycoma longifolia root delivers a demonstrated ability to improve testosterone levels, increase muscle size and strength, improve overall well-being, accelerate recovery from exercise, enhance weight loss, reduce stress, and reduce symptoms of fatigue.

Consideration and Recomendation

Tongkat ali is possibly safe and have very few side effects. The adverse effects that the supplement may cause are insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, impatience and being easily angered. Higher doses can harm the human sperm. Taking tongkat ali earlier in the day has also been reported to help reduce sleep disturbances.
As it lacks the proper evidence, you are advised not to use this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Also you are advised not to take the supplement if you are fighting breast or prostate cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, or sleep apnea.

Tongkat ali is mostly found in its extract form. The standard tongkat ali dosage may be connected to the bioactive ingredient called a eurycomamone. A lot of clinical researches use 200mg or 400mg of the water-soluble tongkat ali extract, that is 100:1 extract ratio, a day. According to a toxicology report, the acceptable daily dosage for adults can be up to 1.2 g/ day. However, consult your doctor for your appropriate doses. The dosage for children is still unknown.