Rutaecarpine and the Benefits for Our health

Leverages Rutaecarpine and Used it as a Health Supplement

what is Rutaecarpine

Rutaecarpine is a natural COX-2 inhibitor with anti-inflammatory properties. This phytochemical has the antihypertensive and antithrombotic effects. Evodia rutaecarpa (Wu-Chu-Yu) is a plant material that has been used to get relieved of several diseases, including hypertension. Rutaecarpine is a pure chemical isolated from Evodia rutaecarpa. Rutaecapine exhibits interesting pharmacological properties that may explain its vascular and platelet effects. It has neuroprotective effect and may be effective in improving the benefits of natural cannabinoids.[1] Rutaecarpine could improve neurological function following injury induced by cerebral ischemia reperfusion.

Benefits Rutaecarpine

Rutaecarpine is an alkaloid isolated from the fruit of Evodia rutaecarpa, a well-known traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for a long time in Chinese medical practice. The dried unripe fruit of Evodia rutaecarpa has been used as a remedy for gastrointestinal disorders (abdominal pain, dysentery), headache, amenorrhea, and postpartum hemorrhage. It has also been claimed to have a remarkable central stimulant effect, a transient hypertensive effect, and positive inotropic and chronotropic effects.[1] This Chinese herb has numerous health benefits. The common benefits of Rutaecarpine include:

  • Reduces the systemic exposure of caffeine [3]
  • Has vasodilator effect [4]
  • Improves learning and memory [5]
  • Has beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases [6]
  • Has an anti-inflammatory activity [7]
  • May help people who have Alzheimer’s disease [8]
  • Relaxes vascular smooth muscles [9]
  • Inhibits the aggregation of human platelets [10]
  • Very effective for hypertension and has anti-hypertensive effect [11][12]
  • Used as a remedy for gastrointestinal disorders (abdominal pain and dysentery), headaches, amenorrhea and post-partum hemorrhage [13]
  • Promotes liver health and kidney health [14]
  • Promotes glucose consumption [15]
  • Helps people who have diabetes [15]
  • Helps reduce blood pressure [16]
  • Has stimulating effect [17]
  • Improves myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury [18]

Rutaecarpine (compound in Evodia) greatly increases caffeine metabolism rates and reduces exposure to caffeine. It has been used widely in China for hundreds of years to get relieved of hypertension. Rutaecarpine is a natural vasodilator; it widens blood vessels allowing increased blood flow to the genitals. Rutaecarpine caused concentration-dependent (0.1 m M e 0.1mM) relaxation of isolated animal mesenteric arterial segments, which were precontracted with phenylephrine.

How it works

Rutaecarpine is an alkaloid isolated from the fruit of Evodia rutaecarpa and can be synthesized by condensation of iminoketene with amides. It is soluble in alcohol, benzene, chloroform, and ether, but practically insoluble in water. Rutaecarpine protects the heart, relaxes blood vessels, decreases blood pressure, resists platelet aggregation and thrombosis, and also blocks tumor cell growth, inflammation and ulcer formation. In certain amount of rutaecarpine intravenous injection in animals has a protective effect on heart ischemia reperfusion injury. Vascular lesions occur in both ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, they have common physiological and pathological characteristics, and are very closely related. Based on results from a study on the effects of rutaecarpine on myocardial damage, active research concerning the effects of rutaecarpine on cerebral ischemic injury has vital significance and may develop the medicinal value of rutaecarpine. Rutaecarpine could significantly decrease the malondialdehyde content and increase the activities of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in animal brain. Rutaecarpine could improve neurological function following injury induced by cerebral ischemia reperfusion, and the mechanism of this improvement may be associated with oxidative stress.[19] It was previously reported that rutaecarpine produced a sustained hypotensive effect in phenol- induced and two-kidney, one-clip (2K1C) hypertensive animals with a novel antihypertensive mechanism by stimulating the synthesis and release of calcitonin gene e related peptide (CGRP), a principal transmitter in capsaicin-sensitive sensory nerves, and CGRP, in turn, can relax vascular smooth muscle and reduce the peripheral resistance.


There is not enough information and no scientific evidence available about the safety of Rutaecarpine supplement or what the possible side effects of it might be. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, this supplement may not be safe for you as it contains some chemicals that affect pregnant animals. So stay on the safe side and avoid consuming this supplement in such situation. Therefore, you are advised to consult your physician or healthcare provider before starting this supplement. Since it may also slow blood clotting, stop using Rutaecarpine at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.


Rutaecarpine is an herb that is considered to be effective to remove caffeine from the body. The appropriate dose of this supplement may depend depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. Because of the lack of scientific evidence, it is still undetermined about an appropriate range of doses for Rutaecarpine. According to, “Traditional usage of the berries involves making a decoction using 3-9g of the berries and then dividing said decoction into either two servings daily (morning and evening) or thrice daily (morning, noon, and evening).” However, keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Consult your physician or healthcare professional before using any supplement.