We are going out with one last 'bang' for our community.

Due to a number of issues with international distribution challenges, changes in law, and the current demands affected by the pandemic and war in Ukraine, we will no longer be providing the Nootripure products to the global community.

After delivering safe and healthy nootropic products to thousands of customers in over 40 countries throughout the world for the last 5 years with hundreds of thank you letters received, we are unfortunately planning to shut down product sales operations by the end of the year. We will be focusing more on our non-profit initiatives from now on.

The goal with creating the Nootripure products in the first place was to provide affordable and long-term healthy nootropic supplements to people who strive for mental health and top mental performance. The raw cost to develop one box is around $35 for which a supplement company would normally have to retail at $200+ to make a profit considering the total cost of customer service support, distribution logistics, operations, legal work, marketing services, etc that go into running a company. All of our competitors total manufacturing costs are less than just our raw ingredient cost. So the profit margin was not much to begin with as we just wanted a way to fundraise for our non-profit research.

As of right now, our research goals have been funded up to the point where we are satisfied and we have future plans that are much more impactful to the world considering the constantly growing pandemic of mental illness. So this fundraising method will not be sufficient to take us further. We are committed to doing what is best for the world as a whole. 

For our current customers we are offering to let you get the remaining products in our warehouse for free with the purchase of just one product (that covers our operation costs) and shipping.

Thank you for your support and we wish you the best of health and wealth on your journey to better mental wellness.

"A bigger problem requires a bigger solution."

To get the products in bulk, simply make a purchase for 1 product, then add 3 more to your cart and use the corresponding codes below on the cart page.

THRIIV – All Day Productivity & Enhanced Clarity

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INFINERGII – Peak Athletic Performance


alt="Rejuvii L-Carnosine for memory, cognition, and brain function."

REJUVII – Optimal Sleep Performance


PASHIIN – Improved Sexual Wellness

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Note: The current batch of products is set to expire around the end of this year. These are “sell-by dates”. They will likely be able to be consumed after that depending on how properly they are stored. You can check their exact expiration dates by their lot number here: nootripure.org/expire.