Photo Guidelines

A couple simple tips to creating a testimonial photo.

1. Share your favorite product

What product do you like? What do you use? How do you carry it? Where do you use it? Here is an example of Areum sharing her favorite product Pashiin. But something is off no?

2. Make sure your face is visible

This photo is about you! So let people see your beautiful face. Photos don’t have to be taken by someone else, they can even just be a selfie. Here is an example of Tina a professional extreme sports athlete sharing her favorite product Infinergii at the skatepark where she usually practices. But something is still off no?

3. Just wear a smile

Letting your personality shine with a smile is a good representation for mental health! Try to have nothing blocking your face with your face pointed toward the camera. This means no sunglasses, masks, or tilting your face away from the camera. Here is an example of creative design artist Theresa with her favorite product Thriiv. Looks good no?