The Potential of L-Carnosine in Brain Booster

L-Carnosine Benefits for memory, cognition and brain function.

What is L-Carnosine

Health Benefit of L-Carnosine for Our Body

L-carnosine is crucial for many normal body functions, including the proper function and development of the muscles, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, and many other organs. It plays several important roles in the body, acting as an acid buffer in muscle cells. It may also exert antioxidant activity and has been shown to inhibit lipid oxidation, including the oxidation of LDL and maybe a free radical scavenger. It seems to have the ability to buffer pH activity and appears to delay muscle fatigue. L-carnosine helps promote improved muscle endurance. It is widely used among athletes, bodybuilders, runners, cyclists, and more. Carnosine is also used to inhibit signs of aging and for relieving complications of diabetes such as nerve damage, eye disorders (cataracts), and kidney problems.

The common health benefits of L-carnosine include:

  • Acts as an antioxidant [3]
  • Improves cognitive function [4]
  • Is an anti-aging [5]
  • Improves learning and memory [6]
  • Reduces stress and depression [7]
  • Regulates immune system [8]
  • Is an anti-inflammatory [9]
  • Helps people fight cancer [10]
  • Helps with diabetes [11]
  • Helps people who have Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease [12]
  • Improves blood flow [13]
  • Improves heart health [14]
  • Enhances physical performance [15]
  • Promotes eye health [16]
  • Lowers blood pressure [17]
  • Helps with autism [18]
  • Improves kidney health [19]

L-carnosine helps reduce damaging protein glycation in the body. It has excellent antioxidant properties. It can greatly reduce damage from the highly reactive oxygen free radicals produced from the out-of-control oxidation of lipids and sugar that can occur in Metabolic Syndrome and diabetes. Moreover, this antioxidant effect occurs at concentrations of carnosine known to exist in the human body. In animal studies, the administration of high doses of carnosine reduced oxidative damage in the brain and blood during periods of high stress. In a study using rats made salt-sensitive with stress hormones, intravenous administration of carnosine decreased their blood pressure and reduced sympathetic nervous system activity in their kidneys.

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How to Use L-Carnosine for Supplements

L-carnosine is usually safe for children and adults when taken by mouth, or for adults when used on the skin or in an enema. However, there can be some rare side effects which may include a rash or itchiness, dry mouth, changes in appetite, feelings of tiredness, or vivid dreams. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid taking L-carnosine. Carnosine may also lower blood pressure. Taking carnosine may make blood pressure too low in people with low blood pressure.

Consult your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any new supplement.

There is no standard dosage range for L-carnosine so far. An appropriate dose of L-carnosine depends on several factors, including the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. It is rapidly diminished in serum samples via the actions of carnosine. L-carnosine supplements are popularly sold in 500 mg capsules. You should always follow dosing recommendations from the manufacturer of the supplement products you select.

You are advised to consult your doctor or healthcare provider to determine an appropriate dosage for you.

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Learn more about our product that helped thousands of people across the world improve clarity, cognition, concentration, and confidence to help you perform your best and accomplish your goals. 

Learn more about our product that helped thousands of people across the world improve clarity, cognition, concentration, and confidence to help you perform your best and accomplish your goals.