Heal First

Further recommendations beyond the Nootripure products.


For any supplemental or pharmaceutical product that is created, there is going to be a bell-curve distribution of the effects where the likelihood is that 10% of the people will under-respond, 10% of the people will over-respond, and about 80% will be right in the middle. Even though the Nootripure products are designed to be more compatible with the organ systems and more balanced, this rule still applies as there is always a lot of variation with biology. Because the product’s functionality relies upon thousands of physiological pathways to work, if one of them has stopped for whatever reason, then the product will not work the same. This is why some people can drink coffee and they are wired for like 12 hours, long past when the coffee wore off, and other people can drink a cup of coffee and fall asleep. So we want to cover a few topics that might help you better understand how to adjust your use of the Nootripure products, or not use them at all.


In the first case we have people that over-respond. There can be two reasons. Firstly if one gets a feeling of anxiety or shakiness and is caffeine sensitive, then it is possible that the caffeine in the product is throwing the organs off balance. The second way is if the effects make one feel well with no side effects, but the feeling may be too instense or euphoric. Both of these are not good for long term mental health or for staying productive. 

Either way, we recommend first trying to reduce the dose. Some people even have to reduce the dosage to half of a capsule. Try to find a dosage that works well for your body. The second recommendation is to not use Thriiv or Infinergii and possibly stick to using the products without caffeine. Caffeine is a very potent stimulant and even though we did our best to help balance the organs to reduce things like anxiousness or shakiness, it can still affect people that are sensitive. Lastly, please skip to the following paragraph as this will be very important for you if you feel you over-respond to the nootripure products.


The second case is for people that under-respond. This means that one will take a full dose of the product, but not notice any difference in feeling, aptitude, or general well-being. Keep in mind that some products like Pashiin will work better with more use. The reason for having an under-response is typically because of one of these things: poor liver function, neuroreceptor desensitization, or missing key metabolic factors such as a vitamin or electrolyte. We included over 72 minerals and a B-complex that is more comprehensive than any sold on the internet to prevent the last from happening, but it is still quite possible in the case of severe deficiencies. When it comes to neuroreceptor desensitization, this is quite common and can be developed from drinking caffeinated beverages regularly or taking a prescription medication on a regular basis. You can click the link about neuroreceptor desensitization to learn more about it and how to fix it. When it comes to a poorly performing liver, this needs immediate care. So read on to the next paragraph.

What should you do?

Many pharmaceutical medications, medicinal plants, and nootropics leverage liver functions to create their effects and heal the body. The way to tell is if you can ingest something that normally will affect others but doesn’t affect you. 90 something percent of the time, and is certainly the case with most psychoactive substances such as caffeine, the root cause is the liver. So if this organ stops performing as well as it should, or it has become unbalanced, leading to a certain function not working, then you may need to get it checked. To check how well your liver is performing it would be best to see an acupuncturist or an Ayurvedic doctor as they have the diagnostic tools and training to interpret liver output. If you do find that your liver needs more support, we recommend taking your doctors advice and abstaining from things like alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, the Nootripure products, or any psychoactive substance for a while while you work with your doctor to repair your liver. The best things in this case will be to use recommended TCM herbs, and adaptogenic plants such as bacopa monnieri and turmeric.


Many people will get less of an effect from something and seek to take more (this is the foundation for all drug addictions). But the reality is that needing more to get an effect means that your body is struggling. Keep in mind that no drug actually has a noticeable effect on the human body. Drugs can only signal the body to do what it is already capable of. If the signal sent causes nothing to happen or something adverse to happen, it means that there is something wrong with the system, and it means that the responsible thing to do is to fix the issue with the system rather than pushing it to do more. Many people will try to hide the issue by introducing more chemical signals into their body, or engaging in outrageous or addictive behaviors. This is a very quick road to mental illness and substance dependence and is very difficult to ever recover from. So now is the time to take the correct action and heal your mind and body.

The Nootripure products are designed for the mass majority of people and have provided great results for thousands. But keep in mind everyone is different, and you may need more gentle care than nootropics or pharmaceuticals can provide. It’s nothing bad, its just where your body is at right now, and nothing that can’t be fixed. In this case we recommend seeing an Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to get your system balanced and your mind back on track so that you can once again enjoy the things you love.