Nootropics are substances consisting of plant extracts, herbs, mushrooms, as well as other natural and synthetic compounds that affect the brain in such a way as to improve one of its primary functions in some noticable way. To be considered a nootropic, it must be good for your health long term and must have little to no side effects. A perfect example of a nootropic that everyone knows is caffeine. Read this article to learn more about nootropics.

We do everything in our power to make sure that THRIIV is 100% safe for everyone. We have gone through every related scientific study related to our formulation multiple times, created molecular biological models, tested the purity of every ingredient, laboratory tested our final product and in vivo tested the final product numerous times to ensure safety. We have not had even one mild incident occur and we plan to keep it that way. If for any reason you feel that THRIIV is unsafe, then please contact us, and hopefully we can address your concern. Even if it means redeveloping our product. We are open to doing anything that promotes safety with the use of our products.
If you are concerned about safety when taking THRIIV, then please read this section of the university.

By logging in to the site and going to the Nootropic University. We cover a wide range of topics such as nootropic fundementals, lifestyle improvement with nootropics, or using nootropics for specific purposes such as sports or studying, all explained with neuroscience in an easy to read and easy to understand writing style. We have multiple instructors contributing to the university, all top qualified professionals in the field with their own specialties. Here you surely can find what you are looking for. And if you can’t find an answer, we are publishing new content every few days, so let us know what you would like to see, and we will do our best to make that possible.

Our best suggestion is gradually. For each person is unique with a unique physiology, it is best to err on the side of caution when taking new supplements. For this reason, you can contact your doctor to find out what dosage is right for you. Most people start out with a small dose, maybe ¼ to ½ of the recommended dosage (2 capsules). Then increase very slowly until you feel the effects at a desired intensity. We split the dose into two capsules so that you could more easily find an amount that works good for you. Please be cautioned that some of the ingredients take 3 days to create noticeable changes.

THRIIV is formulated with a number of ingredients to prevent headaches. However, you are probably asking this question because you have taken piracetam or some other racetam and have had a headache caused by the nootropic compound. A headache can be caused by many things, even by just doing stressful things. In this section of the Nootropic University, we go over possible causes for headaches with nootropics and how to avoid them. If you do take THRIIV and have tried the suggestions in the article, and are still feeling headaches, please contact us.

Yes. THRIIV is 100% vegan friendly. There are no animal byproducts in any ingredient including the capsule.

Of course, we take 1/4th doses, 1/10th doses all the time. Just make sure to only take a portion of a capsule that you feel is right for you. You can open one of the THRIIV capsules by squeezing both ends of the capsule with your fingers snugly, then twisting it open while pulling apart slowly. Make sure to have a dish underneath to collect the powder. When you have finished emptying the capsule, you can put the capsule together again in the same fashion. Now enjoy by putting the desired amount of powder into another capsule or something delicious like a smoothie!

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The THRIIV page includes a list of the ingredients at the bottom with short summaries explaining why we included it. They also link to the Nootridex which contains more in depth information about each ingredient along with references to scientific resources.

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Yes, THRIIV’s ingredients have been proven in many studies to help prevent cognitive decline. We would highly recommend using it for this purpose.

Yes, we have many products. However we only have one right now released to the public. We will be releasing them one-by-one over the next coming years. In the meantime, we will be putting each of the products through extensive testing measures to ensure effectiveness and safety for everyone. THRIIV is just the standard product. The best ones are still to come.