Detox Reactions

Why detox reactions can be important even though they suck.

Why read about detox reactions?

Surely you have seen those detox programs before. There’s a little meal plan, some special vitamins, a shake, and can sometimes mean not leaving the bathroom for 3 days. It costs about $300 and all the movie stars are doing it. Most of the time we hear about detoxing it has something to do with a box of vitamins or a retreat program. But the truth is that we are always detoxing. Detoxing is the removal process that your body uses to get unneeded chemicals and organic waste compounds out. If for one minute your body was to stop detoxing, you would die. So then why do we see all these products that are sold as detox remedies? Because detoxing is a skill, and some of us are just better than others. If you haven’t been articulating the way your body detoxes, then these programs may assist with that. But ideally one would take on a lifestyle that removes toxins regularly rather than think of it as a temporary program or one-time thing.

Why is understanding them important?

When body tissues start to collect toxins, thy can’t perform at their normal level. This can lead to reduced mobility, scar tissue development, increased fat storage, as well as many diseases such as cancer and Alzeihmers. After years of neglect towards one’s detoxing practices, these things will inevitably happen. However in the short term, one can experience increased lethargy, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, ADD, along with many other mental illnesses.

How does the detoxification process work?

The second most important time that we detox is when we sweat, particularly from exercise. The most important time for detoxing is when we sleep. Our body is able to pull out the deeper toxins that are normally inaccessible. As it relates to mental health, it is also the most important time because that is when the toxins are removed from the brain. During the day there is too much going on that your body cannot detox the brain while it is active. So at night your brain shrinks to ⅔ the size, then spinal fluid comes up from your spine and circulates through the folds of the brain, then travels back down the spine to be filtered out by the kidneys. This cycle repeats about 6 times when you sleep. And yes, you are constantly being brain washed.We think brain washing is a great thing! Clean brains mean more mental clarity! For if we don’t wash our brain, what happens? You already know the answer. Have you ever stayed up all night? How did you feel by the end of the following day? Was it difficult to think? Did you feel irritable? Did you feel like doing anything was more of a struggle? Were your feelings of positivity and joy diminishing? A lot of the reason for this is due to the toxin buildup in the brain. For the average person, their brain will consume more energy than every muscle in their body for the whole day. It’s like a 1970’s muscle car, just guzzling gas even when it is at the stoplight. With more consumption is more output too. The brain produces huge amounts of toxins. If you were to weigh the toxins removed just from the brain washing process we described earlier for a year, it would be about 1 kilogram. That is about the weight of a kitten. Imagine looking at a kitten and realizing that this thing could be solid toxins in your brain. These toxins are hindering the way you think, the way you feel, the way you communicate and the way you perform. When it comes to the brain, it is very important to get the toxins out, but how?

How to engage your detox systems

How to get them out is quite simple. Firstly there are plants that contain specific phytonutrients that help the liver and the lymphatic system remove toxins such as celery, barley grass juice powder, cilantro, lemon, as well as clays like zeolite. Secondly, you can sweat through exercise for at least 30 minutes at a time. Thirdly, you can do something like a hot shower, sauna, or even Bikram yoga. Lastly, in emergency situations they have heavy metal detox clinics that can remove the toxins. The Nootripure products also engage the detoxification processes in your body, but usually to a mild degree, but some who have more toxins to remove than most people can experience a stronger reaction. In particular we have developed a product for night-time mind rejuvenation that actually engages the brain washing process we described earlier as well as a number of other benefits. Removing the toxins has its benefits, but also downsides

Are the detox reactions good or bad

Neither, but they are a necessary evil. Keep in mind that when toxins are released into your system, the body suddenly becomes burdened with a very hefty task. And to perform that task it will start pulling all the energy to the detox processes rather than things like moving or thinking. Furthermore, when the blood has accumulated enough toxins, it will begin affecting the way we think. A very common example of having too many toxins in the blood is the morning after consuming way too much alcohol. The feeling that one gets is from the chemical breakdown of alcohol: formaldehyde in the bloodstream, going to the brain. So detoxing, if done right should feel like a really bad hangover, only without the fun drinking part. The process can be unpleasant and counterproductive to one’s schedule. In fact, it is hard to tell the difference between feeling sick from a pathogen or food poisoning, your body just detoxing. This is why it is better to detox regularly and in little amounts than to try do it all at once. If one becomes proficient at detoxing, these 3 day excursions or 30 day raw food diets become accessory and potentially unnecessary.


Detoxing is not something we do, but a way of life, that we have no choice in. Removing toxins is hardly ever pleasant, but is critically important for not only good health or the aversion of disease, but also your personality, your memory, your IQ, overall mental health, and even your survival. Unfortunately, everyone living in the 21st century is going to be exposed to many times more toxins than any generation before 200 years ago. Since the body hasn’t adapted yet, we need to use our intelligence to craft a lifestyle that reduces toxin intake, and improves the detoxification process. Doing programs, taking supplements, drinking teas, or even taking the Nootripure products all help. But keep in mind that you may need to give your body the time and rest it needs to do first things first. To do that, we might have to put down our phone for a little while and just lie down. A little step back for a lifetime of steps forward. So keep on working on your detox process and keep your mind sharp long into the future.