What is cycling and why is it important for the Nootripure products?

What is cycling?

We could have chosen a term that isn’t so confusing, but we didn’t make it up. It was made naturally from the nootropics community. Even we tend to see this word and think of bicycles. But when used in this way, it is actually much much more important than any bicycle, and can do much more for your life.Cycling is the use of nootropics or any drug or medicine in intermittent phases. For example, one should never take caffeine 7 days a week. So it is highly advisable to use caffeine say monday through friday when your working, and take the weekend off.

Why is cycling important?

Cycling allows the body and mind to reestablish homeostasis, or in other words, to maintain its balance. Because the human body is a very well constructed symphony of millions of various chemical reactions occurring simultaneously, altering the chemistry must be done with utmost care and as little as possible. Naturally, humans eat plants, minerals, and meats which usually don’t offset the chemistry too much. But you will notice that some things contain a large amount of a single chemical that will offset our chemistry

What happens if we don't cycle properly?

If we don’t cycle properly, the body and mind will become unbalanced, and will eventually consider the foreign compound as a poison rather than a medicine. This is why over time, we build a “tolerance” to things like caffeine. This is the body trying to protect itself from the danger of harmful substances. If your tolerance has gone up, this means the body is responding to physiological damage that it has noticed even if you have not.

Does everything need to be cycled?

People think that only nootropics need to be cycled. But this is false. Anything that causes a physiological shift, especially a shift in mindset should never be taken continuously. Even plants like guarana, tobacco, coca, kava, all must be cycled appropriately as they contain usually one or more constituents like caffeine that act as a drug. When it comes to prescription drugs, the medical textbooks will sometimes advise to take them every day. Some take many weeks to become effective, so this is okay. But for quicker acting ones, the science doesn’t support that using them continuously is safe. Part of the reason the hospitals do this is to make it easier for people to develop a habit so they don’t forget to take their medication accidentally. So there is a slight discrepancy between medical literature and science, but for the most part, our original statement is true that all psychoactive (affecting the mind) medicines need to be cycled.

How should I cycle?

We recommend a maximum of 5 times a week because the science has shown that this is the maximum that can safely be taken. Preferably 3 or 4 days would be best to use on a consistent basis. The body needs to re-establish physiological balance regularly. Drinking coffee, energy drinks, etc. all follow the same principles. The human body operates in a very delicate balance. It would be very damaging to the body to not allow it to reset back to its original state for at least 2 days a week.

As much as caffeine and other nootropics can heal you, if improperly used, they can ruin ones health. Hence why we took the extra time to write this article and paid the extra $0.50 for the info packet included in the products to emphasize the importance of using the product correctly.


If we want to enjoy life, stay motivated, and stay proficient at what you do long into the future, then it only makes sense to take care of our brain and mental health. To do that, we need to cycle the usage of any psychoactive or stimulant-like product. For the products that require cycling, there is a section about how to cycle properly with examples in the booklet. Too many people complain about losing their mental sharpness as they get older. Don’t let that be you. Stay sharp. Create a better mind. We are there to help you. That is why we created products that support you with these goals. The rest is up to you. We only got one chance at life, let’s get it right.