Centrophenoxine, also known by its brand name as Lucidril, Centro, and/or Meclofenoxate, is a cholinergic compound with a DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) component, and acts as a better absorbed transporter of DMAE into the brain. Centrophenoxine is considered to be one of the original nootropics which is well-known to improve mental performance in the areas of memory, learning, alertness, attention span, and concentration. It’s backed by 50 years of research and has long been considered as one of the best nootropic supplements for cognition and brain enhancement.


Centrophenoxine is quite an effective nootropic supplement for brain health, cellular function and even slowing down signs of aging on your neurons. It is mainly used as a precursor or pro-drug for DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), which helps to improve cognitive abilities in the elderly.[1] Though the main use for centrophenoxine is with senile dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, many young adults can see benefits from using the drug as well. Besides being used for the memory and cognitive enhancement, centrophenoxine is also considered a neuroprotective agent, helps improve stimulation in some studies [2], and is thought to be an anti-aging tool that increases lifespans 30-50%. [3]
The health benefits of Centrophenoxine include:

  • Increases cognition and promotes cognitive skills[12]
  • Improves mental performance[13]
  • Increase life-span
  • Helps people who are suffering dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Improves memory, learning ability[14]
  • Increases alertness, attention span, and concentration[15]
  • Increases acetylcholine release[16]
  • Boosts oxygen flow and increases brain energy levels[17]
  • Helps flush out dangerous free radicals and cellular waste[18]
  • Reported by many users to be effective for ADHD

Centrophenoxine helps reverse the effects of aging in your brain.Studies show that Centrophenoxine helps ‘flush out’ free radicals and lipofuscin from brain cells.[4] And used by younger neurohackers, helps this cellular waste from building up in the first place.[5]
Some studies show that centrophenoxine can also increase acetylcholine release in the brain [6]. Though more evidence is needed, this is an important mechanism for cognition and memory. Centrophenoxine looks promising for a 1-time cognition boost. Unlike many supplements, one ‘cycle’ of Centrophenoxine could yield benefits for much longer than just the time ingested. Unlike other compounds where one would need to take it everyday for life, one can take a bottle of Centrophenoxine and reap benefits for a long time.[7]

How it works

Centrophenoxine enhances brain health and functions in several ways. It helps improve memory [8] and it is done in part by increasing the enzyme acetylcholinesterase in the brain.[9] This enzyme is needed for breaking down acetylcholine once it does its function in the post-synaptic neuron. Later the choline is liberated to be taken up by the pre-synaptic neuron where acetylcholine is once again synthesized with the help of Acetyl-CoA and choline acetyltransferase.
In a study, researchers compared Centrophenoxine with DMAE and determined that DMAE was about half as potent as Centrophenoxine in boosting choline and ACh levels.[10] Increased acetylcholine activity helps short-term memory, focus, concentration, and learning.
Centrophenoxine can cross the blood-brain barrier and seems to solve the blood-brain barrier problem. Adding pCPA to DMAE helps DMAE enter your brain, and this mixture also seems to be an effective way to boost acetylcholine.


Being an original nootropic, Centrophenoxine is considered safe. However, there may be some reported side effects that include stomach upset, body odor, drowsiness, confusion, increased blood pressure, moderate depression, and irritability. Be cautious when you deal with epilepsy or bipolar disorder. If you already deal with such symptoms, you should avoid Centrophenoxine entirely.


Quite a number of experts suggest beginning with a small dose of Centrophenoxine powder, in the area of 250mg. This can be taking once or twice per day. When you intend to use split doses, then make sure to do so in the morning and then early afternoon. As one of the benefits is increased energy, using it too late in the day could result in some difficulties falling asleep. However, the actual daily dosage range can vary between 300 and 1000mg depending on your goals and sensitivity levels. Only increase once you know how this supplement affects your body chemistry. For certain health problems like Alzheimer’s it is common to take larger doses so if you think this might apply to you speak to your doctor for their recommendations.[11]